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Sentinel Visualizer is available in four editions that make it easy and economical to add powerful visualization and analysis capabilities to your projects:

Sentinel Visualizer Standard Edition Sentinel Visualizer Professional Edition Sentinel Visualizer Premium Edition Sentinel Visualizer Enterprise Edition
Unlimited (user-definable) Entities, Relationships, and Metadata fields
Create an Unlimited Number of SQL Server Databases
Import data from Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, CSV text files, SQL Server and Access databases
Automated link chart layouts
Hand-draw (drag-and-drop) link charts
Get Links for individual entities and between entities
Shortest Path and All Paths analysis
Gradient coloring and declutter tools
GUI Relationship Editor
Social Network Analysis Metrics
Print/Export data and images
Entity and Relationship search
Document Content search
Query Builder
3D Stereoscopic Visualizer
Time-range (temporal) Analysis
Geospatial Maps
Global Online Maps: satellite, street view, hybrid  
Geospatial ESRI ArcGIS support  
Google Earth integration  
Multiuser Collaboration
Share licenses (Concurrency) without a dongle
Single User: Database resides on your local hard drive
Multiple Users: Database resides on your shared Microsoft SQL network or cloud    
Advanced Security Features
Define read, write, view-only or cannot-view-at-all rights (User-by-User) for complete data security
Software Licenses
Price per computer/user (perpetual license ... buy once, the software works forever)
$2,999 $3,599 $4,599
Optional Add-ons
Annual software support per license (includes all software updates at no additional charge) $599 $699 $899 $1,299
Add Concurrency for a one-time fee of $899 per license. Concurrency lets you share/install each license on multiple computers (without a dongle). The simultaneous number of Users is limited by the number of licenses that you purchase.
Pricing is for North America only. Contact us for pricing outside of North America.

Software Licenses

The Software License prices reflect a one-time purchase of a perpetual software license. Buy it once, it'll work forever even if you don't purchase the annual support plan. In general, there are two licensing options:

  1. Buy a license for each computer
  2. Share one or more licenses among multiple computers. (Concurrency option)

You must have administrative rights on your computer to install the Sentinel Visualizer software. For the Premium and Ultimate Editions, the client must have "network discovery" turned on to work with a shared SQL Server database.

Individual Licenses

As an example, if you buy one license without concurrency, you can install Sentinel Visualizer on one computer. If you want to operate Sentinel Visualizer on two different machines simultaneously and without restriction, youíll need two licenses. Three computers? You'll need three licenses. And so on. Annual software support is optional for Individual (non-concurrent) licenses.

Concurrent Licenses

The Concurrency option lets you install and share one or more licenses on an unlimited number of computers (without a dongle!). This is a low-cost alternative to buying a separate license for each computer.

The number of concurrent (simultaneous) users is limited by the number of licenses that you purchase. If you purchase one license, then only one computer at-a-time can operate Sentinel Visualizer (even though the software can be installed on many computers). Two licenses allow two concurrent (simultaneous) users. Three licenses allow three computers to operate the software simultaneously. Four licenses, four computers, etc.

There are two requirements for Concurrency:

  1. While operating Sentinel Visualizer, the computer must have a constant, live connection to the Internet.
  2. An annual support contract must be maintained.

If your annual support subscription lapses, Concurrency is terminated and the license reverts to a machine-specific license. In other words, each software license will operate on only one, specific computer and will no longer be shareable by multiple computers. Concurrency cannot be added back to a license once it has been removed. You must purchase a new license(s) if you want to use Concurrency after it's been removed from a license.

Note 1: During the Sentinel Visualizer installation, we generate an anonymous identifier for each unique installation. When concurrency is enabled, we ping our concurrency server every 5 minutes, passing in this anonymous identifier. The anonymous identifier is also encrypted using SHA1 when passed to our concurrency server. No machine identifiable information is exchanged or unencrypted between the Sentinel Visualizer client and our concurrency server. Sentinel Visualizer never sees or touches the Userís data Ö we check only that the license is valid and that the number of current users does not exceed the number of licenses.

Note 2: If you need to operate Sentinel Visualizer on a portable computer "in the field," then that portable computer must have an Internet connection if it's using a Concurrent license. If the portable computer does not have a constant Internet connection, then that computer will need an individual Sentinel Visualizer license (without Concurrency). You can purchase concurrent and non-concurrent licenses in any combination/quantity.

Microsoft SQL ServerMicrosoft SQL Server

All Sentinel Visualizer editions include - at no additional charge - Microsoft SQL Express which allows the creation of a single-user database on a computer's local hard drive.

Sharing Databases (multi-user collaboration)

To share a database between two or more users for multi-user collaboration (regardless of whether or not you have Concurrency), you must own the Premium or Ultimate Edition. Those editions allow you to create a Microsoft SQL Server database on your network server (or on "the cloud") rather than on your computer's local hard drive. Your SQL Server administrator can set the security settings to limit the users. Sentinel Visualizer respects those security settings.

Please note: "the cloud" (such as Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services) requires an additional fee.

You do not need a Sentinel Visualizer license for the database server but you do need the appropriate Microsoft SQL licenses for your server and computers. Please contact us if you'd like a price-quote for Microsoft SQL Server.

If, for security reasons, you do not want certain users to have access to one or more databases, the Premium or Ultimate version also allows you to create databases on your local hard drive similar to the Standard and Professional versions.

Software as a Service

Software as a Service (SAAS) is a subscription-service alternative to purchasing a perpetual license.

Install a copy of the Sentinel Visualizer Premium Edition on your PC and pay for the time period that you'd like to use the program. Compare the purchase price of $5,298 to these prices:

  1 Month 3 Months 12 Months
Premium Edition with Support $499 $999 ($333/month) $2,999 ($250/month)
Add Concurrency $149 $299 ($99/month) $599 ($50/month)
Sentinel Reader FREE FREE FREE

Sentinel Visualizer SAAS is a desktop solution which requires an Internet connection.

Editions and Licensing: How Do I Choose?

Which Edition is right for me?

In addition to the features shown in the chart at the top of this page, the main difference between the Editions is where the database(s) resides. If you need only a single-user database (on your computer's local hard drive), then the Standard or Professional Editions will meet your requirements. If you want two or more computers (multiple users) to have access to the database, then the database must reside on your shared Microsoft SQL network server (or "the cloud") which means that you must choose the Premium or Ultimate Edition. (The Premium and Ultimate Editions also allow the creation of a database on the computer's local hard drive, if desired.)

You can upgrade the Edition to a higher level for the incremental amount plus an upgrade fee.

How many licenses do I need ... and should I add Concurrency?

The licensing determines on how many computers the software can be installed. (This is a separate issue from the Edition.) Without Concurrency, each license can be installed on one, specific computer. So, determine the number of computers that need to operate the software at any time without restriction and then buy that quantity of licenses.

With Concurrency, however, one or more licenses can be installed on as many computers as you'd like ... but the simultaneous number of users is limited by the number of licenses purchased. So, if you buy one license with Concurrency, then only one computer at a time can operate the software (even though you can INSTALL the software on as many computers as you'd like). So, for example, in an office with 20 computers, if you want any three computers (out of the 20) to be able to run the software, you'd buy three licenses (any Edition) with Concurrency (and annual support). See the Concurrency section, above, for restrictions on Concurrent licenses.

Advanced Security Feature

The Advanced Security Version (included in the Ultimate Edition only) allows an Administrator to define view, edit, and delete permissions at a granular, topic (User) level. This provides a high degree of control over the data that each User is allowed to view and/or edit. ( flier)

Annual Software Support

All software licenses include assistance with installation of the Sentinel Visualizer software as well as 30 days of email support with a response time of two business days.

The optional, annual support fee includes:

  • 12 months of support including priority telephone and email support with a one business-day response time.
  • All software upgrades at no additional charge.

The support fee does not include:

  • Support for installing and configuring Microsoft SQL Server
  • Support for the Microsoft Windows operating system and user permissions
  • Training, i.e. "How do I perform a particular function in Sentinel Visualizer?"

If you need assistance with Microsoft SQL Server, the Windows operating system, or training, FMS can provide those services for an additional fee.

Training, Mentoring, and Consulting Services

Though you can use Sentinel Visualizer "right out of the box", many people purchase services at the same time that they purchase the software in order to start using Sentinel Visualizer as quickly and as effectively as possible.

Services (training) are especially important if you have a complex set of data that youíd like to visualize. Our team can provide training on how to use the software as well as providing assistance on how to organize and configure your data in order to prepare it for import into the Sentinel Visualizer database.

You can also purchase services at a later time, on an as-needed basis, if you have "How Do I Ö?" questions. Contact us for current training and services pricing.


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