Temporal and Timeline Visualization and Analysis

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Sentinel Visualizer uses the Start and End Dates assigned to entities and relationships to display them on Timelines and filtering them with the Time Range feature.


From the Visualizer, click the Timeline tab to see entities and relationships with Start and/or End Dates across a calendar. The Timeline shows bars for each entity and relationship on the diagram with a Start or End Date, sorted chronologically.

Example of Items on the Timeline TabExample of Items on the Timeline Tab

The Group By option organizes all the timelines into an expandable region for each entity.

Example of Timeline Grouped by Entity with Carl ExpandedExample of Timeline Grouped by Entity with Carl Expanded

Timeline Date View

Set the time span to Hour, Day, Week, Month or Year. The Month and Year Views have dropdown options. Select the view to see the best time span for your data.

Timeline Timespan Menu Expanded for Month and Year ViewsTimeline Timespan Menu Expanded for Month and Year Views

Your timespan selection determines the horizontal time width. Here are examples of the screen width zooming into smaller and smaller periods of time from years to minutes.

Time Span Option Top Label Sample Time Width Sample Timeline

Year ViewYear

Annual Every 5 Years 15 Years Year View, Annual with the Top Summary Label Every 5 Years
Semi-Annual Every 2 Years 6 Years Year View, Semi-Annual with Summary Label Every 2 Years (example 6 years)
Quarterly Year 3 Years Year View, Quarterly with Summary Label for each Year (example 3 years)
Bimonthly Year 20 Months Year View, Bimonthly with the Summary Label for each Year
Monthly Year 1 Year Year View, Monthly with the Summary Label for each Year

Month ViewMonth

Weekly Month 4 Months Month View, Weekly with the Summary Label for each Month
Daily Month 1 Month Month View, Daily

Week ViewWeek

  Week 2 Weeks Week View

Day ViewDay

  Day Half Day Day View

Hour ViewHour

Half Hour Hour View

Temporal Time Range Filtering

On the Diagram tab, the bottom panel has a powerful Time Range feature. The Time Range interface lets you hide or show data based on a time slider control. Temporal Analysis makes it easy to see how networks form, change, and interact with each other over time. This capability allows you to spot patterns and predict actions and behaviors.

Temporal Time Range Analysis

The Time Range interface supports ranges down to the second level, and includes the ability to visually define time spans and ranges.

Time Range Data Filter

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