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Interconnected data is difficult to understand using traditional tools. Sentinel Visualizer provides advanced visualization surfaces to help you find meaning from complex information.

  • Find hidden relationships
  • Identify clusters and patterns quickly
  • Perform ad-hoc analysis, and test theories and scenarios
  • Organize complex networks into manageable groups

Powerful Link Charts

Flexible Data Visualizations

Sentinel Visualizer provides 2D and 3D network link chart visualizations. Automatically build network charts with control over layout appearances. Search the database for entities and relationships, and automatically organize the data into a coherent and visually clear network.

Data Analysis and Visualization

Data Visualization and Analysis

Sentinel Visualizer provides automated analysis to rank and group complex data on a variety of criteria. Map analysis results directly to your visualization's appearance. Use colors, gradients, and other visual cues to quickly acquire patterns, groups, and clusters.

Multiple Automatic Link Chart Layouts

Link Analysis Chart Layout Options

Sentinel Visualizer provides a variety of automated layout functions that make it easy to quickly organize networks into different configurations. Layouts include incremental, hierarchical, circular, elliptical, rectangular, square, triangular, orthogonal, and force-directed. Entities can also be grouped by their entity type.

Additional options control the entity sort order, multiple network displays, and other customizations.

Geospatial Visualizations

Geospatial Visualization

Entities with latitude and longitude values can be shown automatically on a map with its custom icon. Filter the network view by geographic area or use the Geo-Query to find new data by geographic location.

Sentinel Visualizer includes online maps with topography and road styles, so you can zoom to any part of the world. Also includes integration with Google Earth and support for offline maps, ESRI and shape files. There are settings, and output for printing and graphic export files.

Temporal Analysis

Temporal Analysis and Timelines

Only Sentinel Visualizer provides timeline views of data and dynamic time Sliders. The Timeline view shows all entity and relationship start/end date/time data in a scrollable view, making it easy to view events, overlapping periods, and other time-based patterns.

The unique Time Slider allows you to define a time window and move the Slider back and forth to see how the network data changes over time.

Direct Knowledgebase Integration

Knowledgebase Integration with SQL Server Database

Since the visualization surfaces are directly connected to your knowledgebase, you have immediate access to comprehensive information about any object in the network.

Click on an entity and display comprehensive narrative and metadata content. The Details pane provides quick access to the key data points for entities and relationships.

Seeing the Data that Matters

Declutter and Filter Data

The visualization tools allow you to quickly filter for specific data or remove incomplete data and noise. Filters let you control exactly what entity and relationship data you want, and easily switch between different views. Use the Squelch control to dynamically hide low-value data based on variety of criteria.

For example, you can link a Slider to information credibility. As you move the Slider, only highly credible data is shown. Since Squelch is a dynamic feature (the chart changes as you move the Slider), you can quickly see patterns and groups that were previously hidden.

Collaborative Visualization

Collaborative Visualization for your team

Sentinel Visualizer lets you turn your work into sophisticated reports and presentations. Save diagrams and "what-if" analysis for sharing within your team, with titles and narratives to describe your work. Sentinel Visualizer handles all security issues.

If your diagram includes secure information, only users with appropriate permissions can view it. You also can share knowledge externally with a variety of reporting and exporting options: print diagrams and customized reports, or export them in image, PDF, Word, Excel, or web page format.

Visual Styles

Visual Styles

Sentinel Visualizer offers user-configurable display properties for the graph view of networks. In addition to the default display style, you have complete control over colors, icons, pictures, line widths, alpha-transparency, and a host of other parameters.

Visual Styles can be named and saved, allowing users to maintain a set of favorite styles each optimized for the task at hand. For example, you could employ the standard configuration for viewing networks at 100% zoom level, or a high-contrast configuration for working with very large networks.

Multiple Monitor Support

Multiple Monitor Display Support

Sentinel Visualizer includes the ability to work with more screen real-estate while using the Analyzer to view and analyze networks. This is accomplished with direct support for multi-monitor displays, along with and the ability to move, dock and resize any of the toolbars. You can even move toolbars to a second monitor to maximize the screen area available for viewing larger networks.

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