Advanced Link Analysis, Data Visualization, Social Network Analysis (SNA), and Geospatial Mapping

Sentinel Visualizer Overview

Discover hidden relationships, connections, and patterns among people, places, and events

Link Analysis

Interconnected data is difficult to understand with traditional tools. Sentinel Visualizer provides advanced visualization to help you find meaning from complex relationships.

Advanced Link Analysis with Custom Graphics

Social Network Analysis

Sentinel Visualizer integrates Social Network Analysis (SNA) directly into your link chart diagrams to quickly generate SNA metrics on your data without programming!

Eigenvalue in Social Network Analysis (SNA)

Version 8 Released

Sentinel Visualizer 8 is adds many new features including support for ESRI ArcGIS, ShapeFiles and GeoTIFF geospatial maps, improved performance and more!

Sentinel Visualizer Version 8 Released

"Best money I ever spent! It completely revolutionized my research...apart from doing research faster, I now do it in a very novel way"

B. Senekal, University of the Free State, South Africa

"We use Sentinel Visualizer practically every day. It’s made an enormous impact on our ability to effectively visualize and analyze our data sets."

P. Arnold, Counterfeiting Intelligence Services of Australia

Try Sentinel Visualizer Yourself!

Social Network Analysis on Facebook

Sentinel Visualizer on FacebookIn response to the recent controversies over security breaches with Facebook apps, we are sharing our experience creating a Sentinel Visualizer app for Facebook back in 2010 before Facebook limited the data their API exposed.

Here's our story: Facebook Application with Social Network Analysis (SNA) and Geospatial Mapping

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Sentinel Visualizer Comparison to IBM's i2 Analyst's Notebook