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This page is maintained for a legacy version of Sentinel Visualizer.
The latest version is featured here: Version 10 Enhancements

Enhancement Summary

Sentinel Visualizer Version 5, offers many fabulous, new features to remain the best value of any link analysis package.

  • Reader Edition
  • Concurrency feature to share licenses among different computers
  • Create Relationship Types on-the-fly
  • Improved filtering in the Dataset Builder
  • High resolution printing of network diagrams
  • Stereoscopic 3D visualization and navigation
  • Faster performance
  • Advanced Security Add On

Free Reader Edition

The Sentinel Visualizer Reader Edition is a FREE companion to the Sentinel Visualizer Premium Edition. Reader is a view-only tool that allows Users (with rights to your Sentinel Visualizer databases) to open a network visualization diagram that was saved by a fully-licensed User. ( flier)


Concurrency lets you share licenses among an unlimited number of computers (without a dongle!).

The number of concurrent (simultaneous) users is limited by the number of licenses purchased. If you purchase one license, then only one user at-a-time can operate Sentinel Visualizer. Two licenses allow two concurrent users, etc.

For more information, visit Concurrent Licenses.

Stereoscopic 3D Visualization and Navigation

3-D Red Cyan Anaglyph GlassesThis very powerful and cool feature lets you experience your link charts in Stereoscopic 3D using Anaglyph or Shutter glasses. No special equipment is required except for the 3D glasses. You can "fly" through your link charts while zooming and panning among your relationships.

Also supports joysticks and high-end 3D monitors.

Create Relationship Types On-the-Fly

Relationship Types can now be created on-the-fly via Sentinel Visualizer’s data-import tool. Just use a column in your spreadsheet to define new Types. Then, Sentinel Visualizer will automatically create those Types during the data-import routine. This is a huge timesaver over previous versions.

Improved Filtering Within the Dataset Builder

The Dataset Builder now includes pre-visualization filters including:

  • Entities by Weight, Value, and Degree
  • Relationships by Weight, Value and Relationship Count

With Version 5’s pre-visualization filters, users can declutter the data prior to uploading to the Visualizer, resulting in faster visualizations and requiring less machine resources.

High Resolution Printing of Network Diagrams

Export to PDF for printing on large printers/plotters without loss of image-resolution.

Significantly Improved Performance

Version 5 is optimized for multicore processors to maximize your hardware's performance. Querying and visualizing networks is significantly optimized. For example, in Version 4.x, a 3,000-entity network took 3+ minutes to upload to the Visualizer. In Version 5, the same network loads in 15 seconds. Also, subject to the amount of RAM and processing speed of the computer/workstation, up to 25,000 Entities can be visualized within a single Visualizer pane. In Version 4.x, the limit was, in general, less than 10,000 entities.

Advanced Security Add On

The Advanced Security Feature (add-on) allows an Administrator to create Users and Groups to set read, edit, and delete permissions at a granular topic level. This provides a high degree of control over what each user can see and do. This feature also allows the definition of "public" and "private" network diagrams for users of the Sentinel Visualizer Reader Edition. ( flier)

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