Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Express Edition Reset Microsoft SQL Server Express Password

In the event that the password in Sentinel Visualizer’s instance of Microsoft SQL Server Express needs to be reset, use the following steps:

  1. In the Windows Search Bar, type in 'cmd'. Command Prompt

  2. Select 'Run as Administrator'.
    Run as Administrator

  3. Copy the following command:
    osql -S .\SENT4EXPRESS -E -Q "EXEC sp_password NULL, 'S3ntinElL0gin:7@FMS', 'sa'"

  4. Paste the command in the Command Prompt and press the [Enter] key. Paste Command in Command Prompt

  5. The SQL Server Express login credentials will reset to the following:
    • SQL Server Login: sa
    • Password: S3ntinElL0gin:7@FMS
    Paste Command in Command Prompt

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