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This page is maintained for a legacy version of Sentinel Visualizer.
The latest version is featured here: Version 10 Enhancements

Enhancement Summary

Sentinel Visualizer Version 8 offers many fabulous, new features to remain the best value of any link analysis software package.

ArcGIS from ESRI is an industry standard geospatial platform for working with maps and geographic information. Geospatial imagery from ArcGIS is exposed through APIs that Sentinel Visualizer can consume.

Easily integrate Sentinel Visualizer data with your ArcGIS server..

Store locations with population density and labels retrieved from an ArcGIS Server. Additional Shapefiles are display towns, urban areas, and county borders.

More Info on ArcGIS

Shapefiles are a common format for storing Geospatial data. Shapefiles support features such as points, lines, and text. You can combine multiple shape files as separate layers.

Terrorist plot locations with labels, country borders and capitals.

More Info on Shapefiles

A GeoTIFF is an industry standard extended TIFF file that includes geospatial data. Easily integrate your geospatial data in Sentinel Visualizer with your GeoTIFF images.

Store and Event locations on a map with labels with high resolution imagery of San Francisco

More Info on GeoTIFF

The Brief is a rich text description to add to an entity or relationship. You can now add more formatting options and styles, including tables, formulas, and special characters.


The Time Range tool lets you easily filter the data in your Visualizer link chart. The Time Range tool is redesigned to simplify setting the date range within the entire date range and slide your time window.

Time Range Tool

  • Microsoft SQL ServerCreate and Restore Database Checkpoints
  • Support for SQL Server databases hosted on Microsoft Azure
  • Simplified Shared Databases and Saving Login Information on SQL Server databases
  • Support for user specified passwords on SQL Express databases

You can now launch Sentinel Visualizer from a Windows command line. Easily integrate Sentinel Visualizer with other programs to open to a specific entity.

The User can define to which Entity Types and Relationship Types value filters are applied. Previously, value filters were applied to every type.

Improved the high-resolution output to PDF with support for directional relationships.


The new user-interface offers a more logical process to combine duplicate entities into one.

Concurrent licenses which set a limited number of simultaneous users are now easier to manage across your team.

Data import of large datasets is significantly improved. For example, importing a million rows decreased from three hours to eleven minutes.

Other speed improvements include the displaying data in the Visualizer, retrieving data with the Dataset Builder, setting value filters, and changing graphical layouts.

When searching for entities to add to your Visualizer link chart, a list is presented. You can pick one or use Ctrl-Click to select multiple entities to add to your chart all at once.

multi-select entity picker

In addition to English, Sentinel Visualizer is localized into French, Korean, Russian, Spanish and Turkish.







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