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Public and Private Sector Corruption

Government agencies around the world continually fight the threat of corruption, bribery and fraud which undermine their missions. A fair distribution of government funds and consistent enforcement of regulations is fundamental to citizen support for their governments and leaders.

Over the years, many organizations have used Sentinel Visualizer to detect and prevent the misuse of public funds and power. Brave and ethical law enforcers have exhibited extreme courage and bear incredible risk in their pursuit of anti-corruption justice.

To effectively prevent and detect issues of corruption, graft, and fraud, compliance-tracking should be an active part of any agency’s standard operating procedure. Link analysis software such as Sentinel Visualizer can be a valuable tool in the prevention and detection of corruption, fraud, compliance, and risks.

Use Sentinel Visualizer to:

  • Identify connections between contractors
  • Focus on unusual payment patterns
  • Find links between public officials and government contracts
  • Visualize dollar (financial) amounts among agency procurement and government employees

Cross-Border Transactions and Auditing

Government agencies need to actively monitor transactions to prevent fraud and corruption. Agencies exchanging or receiving money from other countries are often required to implement measures to reduce bribery and public corruption. Sentinel Visualizer can be used as an anti-corruption and anti-bribery tool, as well as demonstrating due diligence to regulators and auditors.

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