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Law enforcement, intelligence agencies, and investigative organizations have a constant influx of information; information that can seem inconsequential when it is first received, but later plays a vital role in determining who knew what, and when.

With Sentinel Visualizer, all this information can be compiled into one interface with the ability to make note of mitigating circumstances; the reliability of a source; the probability of a suspect knowing a key piece of information; the relationship of a witness to a suspect through acquaintances.

Sentinel Visualizer provides a platform for local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies and other investigators to analyze, visualize and share important pieces of information that can make or break a case. Whether for monitoring gang activity, fighting corruption, investigating a crime, human smuggling, human trafficking or simply tracking down individuals who may have information, the insight into patterns and trends hidden in your data provided by Sentinel Visualizer is invaluable.

The following solution areas are supported:

  • Investigative Journalism
  • Organized Crime
  • Racketeering
  • Serial Crimes
  • Wildlife Poaching and Trafficking

"Without Sentinel Visualizer it would have been a daunting task or even impossible to break down the data and reveal the criminal networks behind one of the largest frauds in the history of the European Union (EU)."

Bo Elkjær, award winning journalist for Ekstra Bladet

Nominated to the Danish Cavling Prize for a series of articles uncovering the theft of 5 billion euro in VAT fraud with carbon trading.

Advanced Link Analysis Features

  • Law Enforcement Analysis Software2D and 3D network link chart visualizations make it simple to automatically build network charts with complete control over layout and appearance.
  • Automated analysis makes it easy to rank and group complex data by a variety of criteria.
  • Network Metrics are generated as a set of sortable numbers—you can quickly see central or highly-connected players in a network.
  • Time Range interface that hides or shows data based on a time slider control.
  • Integrated Geospatial/GIS capabilities including online maps and Google Earth.
  • Data integration with CrimeNtel criminal intelligence software.

Catching and Detecting Criminal Activity

  • Allow investigators quick access to vital information
  • Identify persons of interest faster, with less work, saving valuable time and effort sorting and analyzing relationships
  • Visualize how networks form, change, and interact with each other
  • Allow individuals to see patterns by neighborhood, geographical area, country, region, etc.
  • Store detailed information about people, places, and things, as documents, notes, pictures, or video
  • Visualize and reconstruct cases from investigation, to apprehension, to prosecution

Videre Est Credere "Sentinel Visualizer plays a vital role in our fight for human rights by allowing us to effectively analyze and contextualize information to help bring perpetrators to justice...Videre’s targeted operations are dependent on the effective management and analysis of information about human rights perpetrators, victims and incidents. This is done through the use of Sentinel Visualizer. The linkages and patterns exposed are used to make Videre’s distribution of cameras and gathering of footage more focused and strategic. Moreover, the use of Sentinel Visualizer allows local-level incidents to be accurately contextualized, thereby identifying the chains of command behind violations. The information analysis and contextualization provided by Sentinel Visualizer deliver a vital tool in exposing the means of oppression and deterring human rights violations."

Videre Est Credere, London

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