Sample Databases

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The Remote App Trial includes several databases for you to explore its features. Each database provides a different set of issues.

Database Exercise Description
Call Records with Targeted Numbers CDR with Targeted Phone Numbers Analyze Telephone Call Data Records (CDR) with a list of targeted phone numbers to see if any are calling each other directly or indirectly.
From thousands of phone numbers and phone calls, and 74 suspect phones, we quickly discover two call each other, and another pair never called each other but are connected through 5 suspicious intermediaries.
CDR with All Paths Analysis Analyze a network of phones that call each other, and the paths between a pair of targeted phone numbers.
COVID Contact Tracing COVID-19 Contact Tracing Identify outbreaks to test and quarantine the people who are involved without burdening the rest of the population.
Cyber Threats with Computer Virus Cyber Threats with Computer Virus Visualize connections between servers and the computers that infected them with a virus. Includes an example of using Google Earth Pro to see how it propagated across the world.
Retail Store Transaction Fraud Retail Store Transactions Fraud Visualize links between people, stores and transactions including time range filtering and Google Earth geospatial mapping.

Switch Databases

  1. To open another database, click the [File] drop-down in the Toolbar and select [Open Database].
    Open Database

  1. Select the database and click the [Open Database] button.
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