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Create Large Link Charts

With Microsoft SQL Server, Sentinel Visualizer supports millions of entity and relationship records. Send all your data to the diagram or use search features like the Dataset Builder and Advanced Dataset Builder to select a subset of data for your link chart. Pick entities and relationships by their specific characteristics and links to each other. You can start big and drill down to details, or expand from individual entities one degree at a time until you include their entire network. Thousands of data points can be added to your diagram in a highly optimized, scalable, and shareable manner.

School Contact Tracing Network of Students and Staff
Link Analysis and Data Visualization for Contact Tracing with Sentinel Visualizer

Multiple Disconnected Networks, Side-by-Side from Largest to Smallest
Display Multiple Networks Side-by-Side from Largest to Smallest

Thousands of Connected Phones
Large Link Analysis and Data Visualization Diagram for Thousands of Phones

Multiple Circle Layout
Display the Network as Multiple Connnected Circles

Link Chart Display and Analysis Tools

Once your data is on the Visualizer Diagram, a wide range of tools are available to customize and perform additional analysis. Here are some of the options on the panels:

Save, Share and Merge Diagrams

You can save your diagrams into the database to retrieve them in the future. They can be shared with other authorized users or kept private to yourself. You can also merge saved diagrams into your current diagram to combine multiple sets of analysis.

Start with One Entity and Build the Network

Rather than dumping all the data and finding the relationships, you can start with one entity and build from there. Use the Get Links feature to add to its network. You can expand it by the number of degrees (its links, the links of its links, etc.). When links are added the links among the entities are also displayed. You can also use the Entire Network feature to load all the connections related to the entity no matter how many degrees away they are.

Start with One Entity

One Entity

Get Links One Degree

Get Links One Degree Notice two of the entities are also connected to each other

Get Links Two Degrees

Get Links Two Degrees Entities connected to the one-degree entities

Get Links Entire Network

Get Links for the Entire Network All the connected entities

Start with a Few Entities and Discover Their Closest Connections

The Between Selected feature lets you select multiple entities to add the fewest entities connecting them. Discover the smallest, tightest network among them.

For example, for Contact Tracing, three students tested positive. Between Selected quickly identifies the shortest path between them.

Select the 3 students with positive COVID-19 Test Results

Start with a few entities to find their closest connections

From the toolbar, select Get Links, Between Selected

Get Links, Between Selected menu

Discover the Shortest Path Between All of Them

Links to two or more infected students

The infected all have siblings on the Basketball Team! Get them tested!

Combined with Data Refinement

Data Refinement lets you filter the type of Entities and Relationships on your diagram.

When data refinement is applied, Get Links respects those settings and only retrieves the entities and relationships that pass the filters. Easily focus on the data you want while excluding irrelevant data.

Advanced Link Charts

Sentinel Visualizer lets you apply advanced Link Analysis visualization to reveal the hidden relationships in your data. Leveraging your definitions of entities and relationships among them, turn rows and columns into visual data revealing multi-level hierarchical relationships. Quickly understand hidden links among people, places and events that are nearly impossible to see in traditional data grids.

Get the trial to explore Advanced Link Charts for COVID-19 Contact Tracing.

Advanced Link Analysis with Custom Graphics

Find Common Linked Entities

As entities are placed on the network and their links added, you can easily see the entities they have in common. This helps you focus your limited time and budget on the most suspicious and highest value targets.

Try the trial to identify the Common Linked Entities in the Telephone Call Records Analysis exercise.

Link Analysis and Data Visualization with Sentinel Visualizer

Get Links, 1 Degree with 4 Options

In the Visualizer diagram, Get Link is a powerful way to understand related data. Get Links, 1 Degree adds all the entities with relationships to an entity. There are four options to add All Links, Only Direct Links, Only FROM Links, or Only TO Links. This is useful if you want to see flows like money in a particular direction.

Get Links, 1 Degree with 4 Options Get Links, 1 Degree with 4 Options

3-D, Animated Link Charts

Sentinel Visualizer includes the ability to view your complex link chart in three dimensions. Fly through your relationships and/or animate them to see the links in an even more powerful way.

3-Dimensional Link Chart Viewer

Relationship Line Styles and Label Options

The Relationships panel offers options to customize the display of the lines on your diagram. Optionally display labels, sums, arrows, and whether the lines should be straight or angled.

Relationship Line Arrow and Styles Relationship Line Arrow and Styles: Line, Right Angle, Curved

Relationship Options for Visualizer Relationship Label Options to Show Summary and Details

A variety of options are available to format numbers and dates.

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