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Sentinel Visualizer is, by its nature, a visual application. The videos on this page make it easy to see the power of Social Network Analysis, Link Analysis, and geospatial and timeline analysis. Discover how our Sentinel Visualizer software can maximize the value of the data you have so you can find hidden relationships, and make more accurate decisions faster.

Video 1 - Introduction to Sentinel Visualizer

Introduction to the key concepts behind Sentinel Visualizer including converting rows and columns of data into meaningful link charts, geospatial views, and timeline views.

Video 2 - Advanced Link Analysis and Data Visualization

Drill into the analytical features of Sentinel Visualizer, including Social Network Analysis, filtering, and timeline/temporal analysis.

Video 3 - Introduction to Social Network Analysis

Learn how Sentinel Visualizer uses Social Network Analysis (SNA) to find the most central players in any network using a variety of metrics.

Video 4 - Discovering Relationships Within Sets of Data

See how Sentinel Visualizer is used to discover relationships and connections between telephone handsets and SIM cards by visualizing "raw" data from an Excel spreadsheet.

Video 5 - Interface to Google Earth

Learn how Sentinel Visualizer transfers your location-specific data to Google Earth so you can visualize your data on a map

Video 6 - Telephone Call Data Records Analysis

Want to know how telephone call records can help you prioritize your investigations?

Here's a page describing how a community of interest can be defined using phone call data with your existing data: Telephone Call Data Records Analysis Software

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